Why use Mercer Investment Trusts New Zealand

Why use us?


Our diverse range of funds suit the needs of a wide range of investors - we offer both diversified ‘multi-asset’ portfolios and individual single sector funds, covering an extensive range of asset classes. Investors can build a tailored portfolio utilising single sector funds or select a diversified portfolio that targets various levels of exposure to growth assets so you can choose the right investment for you.


We use our global reach to seek out the best managers from around the globe as we believe this approach leads to better returns. Mercer has 140 investment professionals who focus solely on researching and rating fund managers. Our funds invest with our most highly regarded managers, which we often combine together to capture a broad array of ideas and diversify manager risk.


We use our global scale to diversify our portfolios so you can benefit from reduced risk. Our funds invest across a wide range of asset classes, such as natural resources, infrastructure and direct property – which are often inaccessible to all but the largest institutional investors.


We use our global buying-power to negotiate better fees with the managers so you can benefit from lower costs.